FragileOutdoor Bronze Sculpture
limited edition (8)
57x26x52 inches

Anne de Villemejane’s outdoor sculpture “Fragile” opposes the strength of the bronze material to the poetry and fragility of the figure.

Tranquille and pensive, the female figure seems lost in her dreams, quietly reflecting on the world around her. 
Conversely her colossal stature conveys force as well as a sense of comfort found in her tender yet larger than life dimension.
Serving the function of an outdoor bench, “Fragile” invites the viewer to sit besides her, giving him/her the unique experience of her close proximity and quiet and majestic presence.
First casted in Queens- New York- at Modern Art Foundry in 2012, Fragile sculpture has been exhibited with Mark Hachem and Sohotel galleries In NYC as well as at Art Market Hamptons and Scope New York Art fairs.
This sculpture is an ideal addition to any garden or outdoor park and can be viewed in Scarsdale, New York.

The making of Fragile bronze outdoor sculpture” at Modern Art foundry-NY

Special thanks to Beacon Fine Arts and Modern Art Foundries for their beautiful spaces which inspire me. 

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