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Anne de Villeméjane is an established French artist, residing in New York. Her poetic sculptures in bronze, crystal or cement, are exhibited in galleries and major art shows in the United States, Europe and Middle East.

New paper&metal hybrid series

“The magician of glass and metal”

French Morning newspaper

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Selected for the 2023 London Art Biennale, July 27-30. Old town hall, King’s road SW3.

Divinities, sculpture selected for the 2023 London Art Biennale

Featured in the New York Times, May 5, 2021.

Zurcher Gallery NYC

Featured on TV5 Monde

Sculpture is a passion for French artist Anne de Villeméjane. She has followed intensive education in bronze casting, mould making and welding at Massachusetts College of Art, De Cordova museum and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, amongst others.
As an established sculptor, she has developed a thorough body of work from bronze sculpture and glass art/acrylic art to cement sculpture and metal art.

With a curious mind, Anne has also translated her vision through paintings, drawings and collages, her theme revolving mainly around those of femininity and materiality. Her work resides between the worlds of figurative and abstract art or modern art

Exhibited in various galleries, her bronze statues and her lifesize master piece, “Fragile”-perfect for a sculpture garden- have also been shown in prestigious Art fairs such as SCOPE New York, Art Miami, Art Houston or Cap Kuwait.

She now lives in New York with a studio in Long Island City.

Pour les français des Etats-Unis, Anne de Villeméjane est une artiste majeure dont les sculptures sont exposées dans de nombreuses foires d’art aux Etats-Unis.


Special thanks to Beacon Fine Arts and Modern Art Foundries for their beautiful spaces which inspire me. 

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