Anne de Villemejane’s Journey

1999-2008: from London to Boston

Anne de Villemejane’s journey in art starts in 1999. Her creative life takes a turn as she moves from London to Boston. After a career in marketing at L’Oréal and Chanel, she dedicates herself fully to Art, notably by taking classes in photography and drawing.

Anne de Villemejane’s journey continues in Art and she holds her first exhibition in NYC with a group of French artists at the Art expo (bull painting series in cement on jute). She meets her future mentor, Italian sculptor Lorenzo Cascio.

Cascio approaches Anne about an exhibition in Boston; taken by the textural quality of her paintings, he incites her to try a new challenge, and take on sculpture. He takes her first “Matador” and “Flamenco” sculptures back to Portofino to have them casted in bronze.

Anne takes on intensive classes in sculpture, foundry and mold making at the Massachusetts College of Art and the Museum School. She casts her own first pieces in bronze.

Anne de Villemejane’s journey take another turn this year when she starts exploring femininity and poetry with her “Déesse” sculpture. She develops a close working relationship with the New England Foundry in the Boston area.

The artist enjoys a growing success at open studios and local exhibitions, and is awarded 2nd place at Boston Photo imaging exhibition and 3rd place at the Beacon Hill Art walk 2 years later.

After taking welding classes, Anne creates her first figures in metal and cement. She begins to delve into textural exploration, using construction materials as a mean to create Fine Art.

Picture of artist Lorenzio Cascio in foront of a sculpure
New York times art review - Frieze's satellite fair at Zürcher Gallery
2008 and after: Anne moves to to New York, she starts exhibiting in major art fairs and galleries

The artist moves to the New York area. She participates in the NYC One of a kind show and wins the audience award.

Despite the inherent technical difficulties, Argos foundry, in NY, achieves successful bronze casts of Anne’s original cement sculptures. “Walking woman” is exhibited in NYC with Artemisia gallery. Anne de Villemejane’s journey is atypical and successful.

Mark Hachem Gallery offers the artist her first SOLO exhibition “Energies” in Paris -Place des Vosges.

“Fragile”, Anne’s first life size outdoor sculpture, is casted at Modern Art Foundry in NY. It is exhibited at SCOPE New York that year.

Mark Hachem hosts her second SOLO exhibition “PULSE” in its Beirut Gallery/Lebanon.

From then on, Anne exhibits with the gallery in numerous art shows both in Europe and the US.

After toying with the concept of dematerialization for a while, Anne finally casts her first transparent acrylic sculpture “Imprint”.  “Tatoo” bronze sculpture, with the use of screws and nuts, further portrays her observation and portrayal of construction and deconstruction. The artist starts a collaboration with Gallery M at Art Aspen.

The NYC “In French With English Subtitles” film festival solicits the artist to design their audience award.

As a mentor to other foreign artists, Anne creates the “NY Art Collective”, which holds its first “No Frames” exhibition at SAG Gallery in NYC. Anne shows her two new transparent acrylic sculptures “From threads” and “Hippie”.

Greenwich Art gala features Anne’s work in Connecticut, Mark Hachem at Art Palm Beach and Gallery M at Art Southamptons.

The artist exhibits at the NYC Affordable Art Fair and the Art Market San Francisco with Michèle Mariaud Gallery, as well as in the Chelsea Dialogue exhibition with Artemisia Gallery. She is also selected by Saatchi Art for The Other Art Fair in Brooklyn.

Anne expands her gallery network with Emmanuelle G and Insight Artspace galleries. She exhibits for the first time at Texas Contemporary and returns to Scope New York, as well as Art Market Hamptons.

Gallery Vivendi selects her work for a summer group show place des Vosges in Paris.

Anne moves to manhattan and takes a new studio in Long Island City. She starts the year with the Affordable Art Fair in New York and Art San Francisco.

She takes part of a traveling show “la rencontre” with 2 other artists and in collaboration with galleries in Paris, PA, and New York.

A year marked by Covid, Anne takes the opportunity of the confinement in her studio to develop the concept of a new hybrid paper and metal series called “Empreintes“.

Anne is invited by renowned Zurcher gallery in Noho (NYC) to show a series of original cement and metal sculptures alongside other artists in the now celebrated “11 women of Spirit” exhibition (a satellite fair to Frieze). The show was attended by the New York times which featured Anne’s sculptures as an illustration to the show.

This same year, French TV channel, TV 5 monde, features a 10 mn reportage following Anne to Modern Art foundry in Queens.

Anne starts a new collaboration with Lili Pad Gallery West in Milwaukee, WI, thus expanding her audience in the USA.

Anne takes her 2D “Empreintes” series to a sculptural format.


In 2023, Anne is selected to showcase her work at the prestigious London Art Biennale and the vibrant AD Art Show in Brooklyn, NY.

This year, Anne unveils three new bronze sculptures, each intricately crafted to embody her ongoing exploration of femininity. The pieces, named “The Guardian,” “Key Woman,” and “Sorority,” are a testament to her commitment to delving into themes of womanhood, empowerment, and the bonds of sisterhood through her art.

Special thanks to Beacon Fine Arts and Modern Art Foundries for their beautiful spaces which inspire me. 

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