Art is a passion for French artist Anne de Villeméjane.

The artist first explored photography, then shifted her focus to painting, exploring the intricate shapes of the flamenco. People were attracted to her colorful representations of Spanish dancers or nudes; the figures were all at once sensual and distant. The women had no gaze, and their body attitude and movement revealed more than their facial expression. Villemejane’s painting seemed close to confession but unafraid of confrontation.
Barbara Stehle- Art historian-RISDI

Anne first expressed her artistic visions through paintings drawings and collages before expanding her practice to sculpture.
Her themes revolved around those of femininity and materiality, and her work took its own place between the worlds of figurative and abstract art or modern art;

With time, her preferred subject evolved from Flamenco paintings to nude drawings and nude paintings. Textures being always central to her work, Anne uses acrylic paint, newspaper, ink or cement for her canvas paintings or paper drawings.

Today her painting practice informs her sculpture practice and vice versa. One media feeds the other with happy accidents and texture explorations, taking each further with a desire of further exploration.

“The play on texture is Anne’s signature”


Special thanks to Beacon Fine Arts and Modern Art Foundries for their beautiful spaces which inspire me. 

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