Anne de Villeméjane’s journey through sculpture is a captivating exploration of femininity, from the inception of her collaboration with the gallery, Villeméjane has delved deep into the essence of womanhood, crafting figures that embody both delicacy and introspection.

Her sculptures, whether cast in bronze or built in cement, transcend mere portraiture, offering a profound reflection on the inner lives of women. Through their elongated forms and reflective poses, Villeméjane’s creations invite viewers to contemplate the complexities of femininity. Despite the absence of direct gaze, their body language speaks volumes, drawing us into their world with a tangible sense of presence.

Over time, Villeméjane’s sculptures have evolved, imbued with a newfound sense of strength and certainty. Reminiscent of Nefertiti’s iconic portraits, these figures exude a quiet confidence, their faces resembling incomplete masks that hint at hidden depths. Through experimentation with materials and scale, Villeméjane pushes the boundaries of her craft, inviting viewers to explore the textures and nuances of her work.

In Villeméjane’s art, the journey lies not only in the finished pieces but also in the process of creation. Each sculpture is a testament to her ongoing quest to challenge herself and delve deeper into her own emotions and thoughts. In the intricate details of her work, from surface imprints to poetic gestures, Villeméjane’s voice shines through, offering a profound insight into the complexity of the human experience, and we are delighted to share with you some of her newest sculptures.